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Pepsico has constructed a large potato storage in Novosibirsk, Russia

Pepsico has constructed a large potato storage in Novosibirsk, Russia

A USD 30 million warehouse for potato storage was built in the Industrial and Logistic Park of Novosibirsk Oblast to support the future savory snack factory. Modern storage technologies allow to reduce potato losses by 3-7%, the press service of PepsiCo, which built the warehouse, told TASS.

The raw materials warehouse, in which investments amounted to about $ 30 million, was built in accordance with the requirements of energy and resource conservation. It uses container storage technologies that allow to reduce potato losses by 3-7% compared to the traditional type of storage. All processes are automated at the warehouse, the thermal insulation of walls and roofs has been strengthened in order to reduce heat loss.

David Manzini the President of PepsiCo in Russia and CIS:
"At the plant, which is under construction, it is planned to create more than 300 jobs by the end of the year, including laborer and technical jobs."
According to the company, in order to provide the future plant with quality potatoes, this year the company invested about $1.8 million in the purchase of agricultural machinery for the partners. Today 20 farms from Siberia are ready to supply potatoes for making chips.

Thanks to the supplier development program launched in the region this year, the company plans to purchase 25 thousand tons of potatoes of the corresponding varieties from local agricultural producers.

The construction of a plant for the production of savory snacks in the Industrial and Logistics Park (PLP) near Novosibirsk began in September 2020. It was reported that the first two lines of the plant will start working at the end of 2021.

Investments in the project will amount to over 12 billion RUB. The enterprise will become the third in Russia, two PepsiCo plants are located in the Moscow and Rostov regions. The capacity of the facility is planned to be more than 60 thousand tons.