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Potato Cultivation

Equipment for Potato Farming

Dewulf is a global supplier of a complete line of agricultural machinery for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops
Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd. is a producerof innovative machinery to service the potato and root crop market from the United Kingdom
Shandong Transce Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is an agricultural machinery research, development and production enterprise engaging in the research, development, production and sales of potato industry machinery with its registered brand of agricultural equipment of “Transce”.
The Simon Group is an industrial company from France specializing in the design and manufacture of vegetable cultivation material.
Spudnik is a manufacturer of potato equipment in the United States.
STANDEN ENGINEERING LTD is an independent privately owned company in the United Kingdom, manufacturing agricultural machinery including the STANDEN-PEARSON Potato Systems products.
Tecnoma is plant protection specialist from Epernay France.
WIFO-Anema BV develops and manufactures agricultural machines and forklift truck attachments for agricultural and industrial use.
Yiğitsan Agricultural Machinery Industry Co.Ltd is a Turkish Agricultural harvesting machines manufacturer.
The Zasso Group is a Swiss company that applies advanced power electronics for a pure physical (electrical) method of weed control. Its subsidiary Zasso GmbH is involved in a project to apply the technology for haulm killing of potatoes.