Manufacturers of Meat Snacks in Europe

Aperitivos Flaper SA

Aperitivos Flaper SA is a Spanish manufacturer of potato chips, snacks, nuts and pork rinds.

Fritoper Group

Fritoper SL was founded in 2005. The company's line of business includes manufacturing prepared foods and miscellaneous food specialties.

Hybricol Food Technologies B.V.

Hybricol Food Technologies B.V. supply a wide range of products, guarantee a measurable result and a positive impact on your company and product. Their main ingredient is Innovation.

Made For Drink

Made For Drink is a small family business that produces and sells premium bar snacks.


OK-Snacks is a Danish manufacturer of savory snacks. OK Snacks factories are located in Ejstrupholm and Søndersø.


Pafritas is a family business with more than 25 years of experience. Details are taken care of when it comes about the preparation of their artisan fries, their potatoes are fried in olive oil following a traditional process; so every bite tastes like those homemade potatoes, making for a crispy, golden, and flavorful potato chip.

Sibirsky Bereg

Sibirsky Bereg Company is a recognized leader in the Russian snack market. Brands include “Chipsony” potato chips and “FAN” natural potato chips.

XOX Gebäck GmbH

XOX Gebäck GmbH is a manufacturer of savory snacks from Germany. The company is specialized in extruded and fried products.


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