Potato Storage in United Kingdom

Cornerstone Systems Ltd.

Cornerstone Systems Ltd. is a Tempereture Storage Monitor producer based out of the UK.

Crop Systems Ltd

Crop Systems Ltd from the United Kingdom designs and installs potato and crop storage controllers and equipment for farmers, growers and produce suppliers

DormFresh Ltd

DormFresh Ltd develops Potato Dormancy-Enhancing and Sprout-Inhibiting agricultural chemicals for the potato storage industry throughout Europe.

Farm Electronics Ltd

Farm Electronics Ltd is a British manufacturer of Ambient and Refrigeration Potato Storage Cooling Systems sold under the Cropscan brand.

Grimme UK

Grimme UK is a sales and service subsidiary of the GRIMME brand, known for its potato, beet, and vegetable technology.

Hayes Packaging LTD

Hayes Packaging LTD is a manufacturer of potato boxes for potato storage located in the United Kingdom

Higgins Group

Higgins Group one of the most successful and respected independent potato supply organisations in Europe.

Maincrop Potatoes

Maincrop Potatoes supply potatoes to the whole industry and in particular Early Chipping, Set Skinned, Bakers and Salad Potatoes. Their mission is to market potatoes efficiently and with integrity, giving satisfaction to their suppliers and customers.

Produce Investments Ltd

Produce Investments Ltd is a United Kingdom-based holding company for the Greenvale Group of companies. The Company is organized into three segments: Fresh, Processing, and Other.

Restrain Company Ltd

Restrain offers sprout inhibitions systems for the storage of potatoes and onions based on ethylene gas.

Trident Potato Quilts

The Trident Potato Quilt protects potatoes in bulk and boxed store to a temperature of -10.


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