Manufacturers of Equipment for Potato Processing in South America

Agrosystem Comércio, Imp. E Exp. Ltda

Agrosystem produces and distributes technology equipment for Precision Agriculture such as: planting monitors, isobus module for monitoring planting, meteorological stations, grain moisture meters, NIR analyzers and fruit classifiers.

Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata)

La Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata es una institución académica pública situada en la ciudad de Balcarce, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. En esta institución se dictan varias carreras de grado y de posgrado.

FPS Food Process Solutions Brazil

FPS Food Process Solutions office in São Paulo, Brazil


Inbramaq is a manufacturer of snack processing equipment located in Brazil.


Incalfer SRL is a manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment in Argentina.  Among its products are: potato chips line (batch and continuous), snack frying lines, cutting equipment and fryers.

Intralox Brasil Ltda.

Intralox assembly Center in São Paulo, Brasil.

Irmaos Schur

Irmaos Schur is a plastics company based out of Alameda Amazonas 202 Alphaville Sp Brasil, Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil.

Juan Neustadtel SAS

Juan Neustadtel SAS is a Colombian company representing European and American companies producing equipment, materials and supplies for the food processing, packaging and inspection industry

Marel Bogota, Colombia

Marel's office located in Bogota, Colombia

Marel Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marel's office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marel Guapore, Brazil

Marel's office located in Guaporé, Brazil

Marel Montevideo, Uruguay

Marel's office located in Montevideo, Uruguay

Marel Santiago, Chile

Marel office located in Santiago, Chile

Nobex Foods

Nobex is a group of Peruvian enterprises dedicated to the processing, canning and commercialization of olives in the local and international market. Nobex Foods is their subsidiary, responsible for packing and bottling.

Pacifico Snacks S.A.S.

Pacifico is a manufacturer of chips and snacks made from fruits and vegetables. They are based in Cali, Colombia.


Founded in 1991, based in Blumenau, Selgron is a Brazilian company specialized in the manufacture of equipment for various agribusiness segments. It is the only company in Latin America to offer complete solutions

SiccaDania Brazil

SiccaDanias office located in Brazil


Skymsen research, develop, manufacture and market machines and equipment for food processing. The Company has laboratories to test the durability and functionality of its products, which enables it to obtain worldwide


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