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CETS sells controlled environment phytotron technology worldwide to the potato industry, which depends on a constantly renewed supply of high quality planting material

Deville Technologies USA

Deville Technologies is a solutions oriented manufacturing technology company that caters to food processing companies of all sizes that require sanitary, durable, practical, and efficient food cutting equipment.


Belt, Modular Belt, and Flexible Chain Conveyor Manufacturer - Dorner is the leading manufacturer of packaged and custom conveyor systems providing solutions for industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs.

Dürr Systems, Inc.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of air pollution control products, Dürr is a leading global supplier in this field.

Food Process Systems

Food Process Systems designs and builds custom processing solutions for meat, dairy, produce, cereal and snack food producers.<br>Food Process systems is specialized in systems for applying batter and breading.

GD Process Design

GD Process Design a provider of a wide range of high quality food processing equipment. They engineer and supply a full program of tempering units for product pre-cooling, pre-heating, pasteurization, and crystallization.
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LYCO Manufacturing, Inc

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. is a machinery company that provides food processing equipment. Categories Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Matrix Packaging Machinery

Matrix Packaging Machinery is a Packaging Machine manufacturer based out of the USA.

Oberlin Filter Company

The Oberlin Filter Company offers filtration solutions and filtration media. Their portfolio includes filter units suitable for filtration of frying oil.

Outlook Group

Outlook Group is a contract packaging company with over 40 years of experience in the custom product packaging & printing industry. They understand that every customer has unique needs, and they believe that one solution does not fit all.


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