Manufacturers of Snack Pellets in the United States

Anita's Snack Foods

Anita’s Mexican Foods, a privately-owned, family-run snack food manufacturer based in San Bernardino.

Balance Foods

Balance Foods is one of today’s leading vertically integrated snack manufacturers that produce snack pellets and provide vendor partners with the only “concept to consumer” private label services.


Bunge is a major agribusiness and food ingredient manufacturer. For the potato processing chain, Bunge is a.o. a supplier of frying oils.

Classic Foods Inc.

Classic Foods, Inc. is a family owned manufacturer of branded snack foods distributed throughout the United States and Canada. Brands include Kettle Classics® Potato Chips, Stoned Classics® Tortilla Chips, Baked Classics® Potato Crisps and California Classics™, School Snacks.

Cornfields Inc

Cornfields Inc. is the manufacturer of the snack Skinny Sticks. Private label manufacturer, focusing on manufacturing Natural/Organic and "Better For You" snacks

Festida Foods Ltd

Festida is a leading developer and co-packer of tortilla chips, corn chips, and pellet snacks for branded food companies across the U.S.

Heartland Harvest, Inc.

Heartland Harvest is a manufacturer of extruded snack pellets in the United States.

J.R. Short Milling Company

J.R. Short claims to be the largest supplier of extruded pellets in the United States.

Uncle Ray's LLC

Uncle Ray’s LLC is a line of food products established by "Uncle" Ray Jenkins. Uncle Ray's LLC specializes in potato chips and other snack foods such as onion rings, pretzels, and cheese curls.


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