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PepsiCo UK - Leicester

Pepsico's Leycroft Road (Leicester) manufacturing site is the world’s largest crisp factory producing millions of bags every day.

PepsiCo UK - Lincoln

Pepsico's factory in Lincoln is famous for the production of snack brands such as Quavers and Snaps. It’s been part of the PepsiCo family for nearly 80 years and is the Lean reference site for Snacks production in Europe.

Pol-foods SP. z.o.o.

POL-FOODS Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of snack pellets

Preziosi Food

Preziosi Food is an Italian manufacturer of sweet and savory snack products

Productos Monti

Productos Monti es una empresa dedicada al sector alimentario. Produce una amplia gama de Aperitivos y Patatas Fritas.

Quality Pellets A/S

Quality Pellets A/S is Danish manufacturer of snack pellets made from all kinds of ingredients including potato.

Snack Creations

We are a word leader in the production of snack pellets. Focussing on innovation and quality, our products offer a distinct texture and crunch, and are available in a wide range of shapes. We are experts in healthy snacking, offering products made from lentil, chickpea, pea, corn, low salt and fat.


SNAPLETS is a brand of snack pellets produced by Biscolata Al Halabi Food Industries. The company offers an infinite range of snack pellets of different raw material bases, shapes, and textures.

Spree Back - Gewerbegebiet Krieschow

Intersnack Germany production facility located in Kolkwitz-Krieschow, Germany.


Stagot is a Native Potato Starch Brand. We source the best origin potatoes from some of the most innovative farmer, jointly combining our passion and expertise to bring you the most remarkable native potato starch.


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