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Table Potatoes

Table Potatoes

McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato specialities, employing approximately 18,000 people and operating 50 production facilities on six continents.
Nedato is a Dutch potato packer for export and retail.
Negonor SAS is a leading family owned potato packer in France, operating 9 packing stations throughout the country.
Nene Potatoes Limited is a farmer controlled business in the United Kingdom that was set up to market potatoes on behalf of its members.
New Holland Chips Ltd. is a producer of freshcut and pre-fried potato products located in Kenya, in the state Laikipia.
Nuestra Señora de Ocon Sociedad Cooperativa is a Potato Producer from Spain
Oakville Produce (formerly known as the Moraitis Group) was the biggest fresh potato business in Australia, good for 23 per cent of Australia's AU$625 million potato market. in May 2016, the company went into receivership and is currently for sale.
Gemfresh is a potato producer from the Russian Federation targeting the Russian table and chips market.
Pan European Potato Enterprise, Ltd (Pep Ltd) is a company involved in the growing and marketing of seed and table potatoes for export (from the UK)
Patatas Beltrán specializes in the all-year-round production, confection, and commercialization of potato.
Patatas Gomez is a family business in Zaragoza that already has more than 50 years of experience in the world of potatoes over three generations.