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Table Potatoes

Table Potatoes

McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato specialities, employing approximately 18,000 people and operating 50 production facilities on six continents.
Wilcox Fresh is a potato grower and shipper with its roots in Rexburg, Idaho
Fa. Wilhelm Weuthen GmbH &Co KG distributes seed, processing, and table potatoes in Europe.
Wilson’s Country is one of the leading potato packers in Ireland. The company is supplying many retailers with own label and branded prepack potatoes and offers peeled potatoes to the food service sector.
Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd. is one of the largest producers of micro and mini potato tubers in China.
The Yanbei Group is a Chinese Agribusiness engaged in potato breeding, cultivation, storage and processing (both frozen french fries and potato flakes)
Tasmanian potato grower and exporter of gourmet potatoes.
Zerella Fresh is one of the leading suppliers and packers of potatoes, onions and carrots in Australia.
Zhangjiakou Danong Seed Potato Industry Co., Ltd. has a 100-m2 tissue culture room, a 100-m2 room for seed inspection and detection, 4 ha of house for minituber production, 333.3 ha of field for basic seed production and 333.3 ha of field for certified seed production.
张家口奇志马铃薯种业有限公司办公室地址位于素有“长城博物馆”美称的张家口,张家口 张北县张北镇三道洼村