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Dewulf Enduro Sieving Harvester

Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

The result of over 30 years' experience in potato harvesting technology

The Enduro is a 4-row self-propelled sieving harvester on tyres. Product-friendliness, capacity and ease of use characterise this harvester. The Enduro is the result of the combination of our own extensive experience and input from agricultural contractors and potato growers.

The machine on tyres is, on the one hand, equipped with new technologies in the areas of ground pressure, product cleaning and flow, and buffer capacity. On the other hand, it also contains the familiar Dewulf technology that has proven its added value time and again on many potato fields throughout the years.

Large sieving and cleaning capacity

The Enduro has optimal sieving capacity throughout the machine, partly because there are no constrictions along the sieving webs. A unique feature found nowhere else in the world is the driver's ability to easily and steplessly adjust the inclination of the cleaning module between 0° and 12°, based on the cleaning need in the field. Moreover, the module with axial rollers can be bypassed at any inclination angle for greater flexibility.

Patented ring elevator: 'Fill-Tastic'

The Enduro is our first harvester to make use of our patented, new ring elevator. Capacity and product-friendliness were combined in this ring elevator, which was given the name 'Fill-Tastic'. The ring elevator has a high capacity of 200 tonnes/h and achieves this at a very potato-friendly speed, which is automatically regulated via a sensor.

Largest buffer capacity in its segment

The Enduro's 2-part bunker with discharge elevator, with a practical volume of 10 tonnes, is the largest in its segment. Because the fixed bunker floor is followed by a discharge elevator with bar webs, excess soil is sieved out during unloading. The discharge elevator with tipping top reaches over 4 full rows, so you can always easily unload into a tipper.

Extremely low ground pressure

The Enduro's high maneuverability puts it in a class of its own. Moreover, in terms of ground pressure, the harvester achieves the best figures in its segment with pressure as low as 1.5 kg/cm2. This is achieved through the 'Soil-Saver' technology: a sophisticated system of weight distribution over three axles for minimal ground pressure.

Because the machine's center of gravity is located further to the rear, the Enduro also ensures that the ridges will not be damaged by the front wheels, even in wet conditions.

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Dewulf Enduro in action

  Special Features


  • Largest bunker in its segment
  • Lowest ground pressure in its class
  • Unique ring elevator with high capacity

Dewulf Potato Harvester Configurator

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