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Dewulf SB 151 Receiving hopper of 5–6 m³

Ideal for smaller growers

The SB 151 is the smallest receiving hopper (5–6 m3 bunker capacity) from the Dewulf product range. However, the machine is equipped with the necessary features. This receiving hopper is the right choice for smaller growers. Due to its compact dimensions, the SB 151 can be easily positioned anywhere.

Furthermore, this can be equipped with various roller units, with a waste conveyor or with a funnel outlet in order to guide the product to a belt conveyor or sorting unit.

The driving force for your storage process

The Miedema receiving hoppers may just be the basis for reliable storage with the desired buffer, transport, cleaning and sorting capacity. These receiving hoppers are claimed to be your guarantee for product-friendliness and versatility. And most importantly: The operating costs always remain enjoyably low.

Compact and productive at the same time

The SB series is the most compact series within Dewulf's product range of Miedema receiving hoppers. Nevertheless, the SB receiving hoppers can realise a high capacity of up to 150 tonnes per hour. Thanks to the machine options, these receiving hoppers can be perfectly attuned to the respective local conditions.

The SB series is characterised by a robust construction of the bunker chassis. The heavy-duty, especially hardened bunker chains are designed to provide a maximum service life with a minimum degree of maintenance.

Loss of product is prevented by the bunker’s especially high side boards and the sturdy double rubber flaps for a seal of the supply. The SB Series’ design has already been tested on many farms.

Special Features



  • Compact
  • Easy to operate
  • High capacity



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Operating Speed

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Cleaning & Sorting

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