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FoodeQ Weigh Belt

FoodeQ Weigh Belt

FoodeQ builds every weigh belt exactly to their customer’s wishes and requirements. This ruggedized and maintenance-friendly conveyor system can not only move food products between processes on the production line over the required distance and – depending on the design – span height differences. What makes it unique is that they combine this conveyor belt with a very accurate weighing system.

Weigh belts are implemented into a production line to weigh and control the product-flow. This type of weigh belts is often used in front of a cooker or freezer – or other food processing machines – to create a controlled product flow entering the machine or production line.

Independent of the belt tension the weighing conveyor registers the flow and gives a reliable signal to the main control system. A state-of-the-art control unit with an accuracy deviation of less than 1 percent is the heart of this proven solution.

Continuous development, technological improvement and innovative redesigns lead to even more accurate weigh belts year after year.
  • • Width: 200mm - 1500mm
  • Length: up to 5000mm
  • Drive: SEW gear-motor
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Finish: blasted
  • Material: RVS 304/316