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French Fries Vending Machine

Fully automatic French Fries Vending Machine which stores the frozen fries and vends out up to 160 portions crispy fresh fried French fries without any human intervention.

Product Specifications

1. Dimensions: Width: 1,050mm, Depth: 833mm, Height: 1,998mm
2. Frying time: 90 to 145 seconds adjustable.
3. Frying temperature:175°C to 185°C
4. Fries size: 6 x 6mm or 7 x 7mm frozen fries.
5. Frying oil: Sunflower oil or beef fat.
6. Frozen fries stock: 25Kg, around 160 portions.
7. Installation location: Indoor or sheltered use
8. Odor free
9. Fries stocking temperature: 0 to -18°C.
10. Payment system connector: MDB interface
11. Power use: Maximum: 3,000 Watt when frying, Average: 1,000 Watt, Minimum: 600 Watt at stationary use.

Packing Details

Packed in wooden box with sizes 117 x 86 x 202 cm and a weight of 375 Kg. 12 machines per 20 feet container. 26 machines per 40 feet container.

Other Information

One year factory warranty on all components. In regions with a signed distributor, warranty terms may differ.