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Idaho Steel Nex-Gem Rotary Former

Potatoes, as well as many other fruits and vegetables, are increasingly being used as raw materials for differently formed products.

Forming is a complicated process, resulting in a highly vulnerable end product.

Moreover, a producer needs to be able to quickly switch between different forms.

The Nex Gem Rotary Former helps to take care of both of these issues and as a result maximises output and the quality of your product..

The Nex-Gem Rotary Former is the ideal workhorse for your production of potato patties, using state of the art controls, product change out, and automated Wash-in-Place (WIP).

(Click picture to watch video)

Idaho Steel has started using 3D-printing to offer its customers a wider selection of possible product shapes for the Nex-Gem Rotary Former

Product Specifications
Additional features:

  • Quick Change Inserts
  • One Touch Product Setup
  • Fully Enclosed Unibody
  • Automatic PLC Adjustments
  • On the Fly Weight Adjustments
  • 24″ Head with 8 rows
  • Uniform Product Weights
  • Servo Driven Product Thickness
  • Automated Wash In Place (WIP)
  • Increased Capacity
  • Long Life CAM Bearings
  • Operation Intelligence

(Click picture to watch video)

This video (no sound) illustrates a.o. the Quick change inserts, the Automated Wash In Place (WIP) and the On the Fly Weight Adjustments

Other Information