The steady expansion of Brazilian French fry manufacturer Bem Brasil

Latest technologies and innovations at Bem Brasil

Latest technologies and innovations at Bem Brasil

November 04, 2023
Since 2006, Brazilian Potato processor Bem Brasil has grown from a single line to four.

Bem Brasil, Idaho Steel, and Kiremko, partnered up to build Bem Brasil's fourth processing line in the state of Minas Gerais. Both the latter companies were selected as the turn-key supplier of the essential part of the French fry processing line and also supplied the formed specialty line from start to finish.

It was the year 2006 when BEM Brasil openend the first, 100% national, pre-fried potato factory in the city of Araxá with a single processing line.

However, the need to build a second product line became apparent pretty soon when within three years their market share for frozen pre-fried potatoes had reached 18% in Brazil. Hence, the second line followed in 2010 and a third one in 2017. In 2020, BEM Brasil opened their fourth processing line with a nominal output capacity of 30 Metric tons per hour. 

Celio Zero, plant manager Bem Brasil:
"This new line 4 is a significant improvement again to our line 3 which was installed only 3 years ago. It exceeds our other process lines in terms of yield, capacity, and quality."

"With the help of Idaho Steel and Kiremko, we were able to integrate their own latest technologies and innovations as well as those of other specialist suppliers achieving the best available integrated solution. For our next projects, we expect to make more improvements again on every level!"
Kiremko designed and delivered the coating application and 2-stage frying system, which is the largest of its kind installed in the French Fry industry to date, having a net width of 3.000 mm.
Bem Brasil French Fry Line

Bem Brasil French Fry Line

They also supplied their best-in-class hydro cutter switchers with cutting blocks, and two complete Strata Invicta steam peeling systems installed in parallel.

Idaho steel, on the other hand, supplied two large design blanchers, as well a SAPP dip system including REYCO EcoVac moisture removal system. They also supplied the formed specialty line from start to finish. This line will run off the grading and sorting waste from the main line and has a capacity of over 3.000 kgs. /hour of final product.

Kiremko did not only enter into a partnership in order to grow. Their partnership arose from the inexhaustible desire for innovation, to get the best out of the potato process and the recognition of each other's expertise. The tribrand connection provides a worldwide range of high-quality potato processing lines that will prepare you for the future.
Bem Brasil Batatas Carindas

Bem Brasil Batatas Carindas

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