Kiremko STRATA Invicta

The STRATA Invicta® sets the new standard in steam peeling systems, offering the highest yield at the shortest possible cycle times. It peels potatoes thinner than any machine, removing only the skin with a minimum of cooking ring!

Fast, accurate and reliable, the STRATA Invicta® will really steam things up in your potato processing line.

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STRATA Invicta video impression (no sound)

Thinner: up to 5,9% more yield

For the STRATA Invicta® we have perfected advanced steam peeling techniques to remove potato skin more efficiently and increase yield by up to 5,9%! The STRATA Invicta® is designed for high pressure steam supply that is essential for improved skin removal, leaving a perfectly clean potato that is handled extremely gently throughout the machine. This results in higher volumes and premium quality peeled products.



STRATA Invicta®

Faster: up to 30% shorter cycle times

The unique shape of the peeling vessel, ensures that the steam comes into contact with the whole surface of the potato, evenly. To reduce cycle times even further we have combined high-speed steam peeling with quick filling and discharging of the stainless steel vessel. The large diameter inlet door allows high capacity processing, for large or small sized potatoes and large batches. This makes the STRATA Invicta® the fastest potato peeling solution in the market.

100% reliability: as expected

The combination of speed and peeling efficiency is groundbreaking, but it’s the reliability that makes the STRATA Invicta® a Kiremko solution. It is tried and tested extensively in a real production environment to ensure it meets our highest standards. The STRATA Invicta® is easy to operate, and thanks to the highest standard of components and materials used, it is low in maintenance and operating costs. You can count on the STRATA Invicta® to feed your production line, no matter how challenging your production targets are.





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