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Kloppenburg Machinebouw Mechanical Haulm Puller

Kloppenburg Machinery B.V. Ulrum NL Potato haulm pulling, mechanical haulm removal. Their specialty from the past. In 1947, subsidies were provided to develop a haulm tractor. In 1948 there were 14 different machines on a demonstration, of which only their brand has always remained in production with the correct pulling principle. Until 1973 they made a 1-row machine that worked in miter.

Then 2- and 4-row behind the tractor. Now there is only demand for 4-row machines, but any number of rows can be supplied, with any desired row spacing. The machine has undergone many technical improvements over the years, which has important advantages for the work.

The latest development last year was a completely renewed tensile box where the tensile stress can be regulated better and more consistently. Foliage pulling has been very topical for Rhizoctonia and will be again, also with other sources of contamination.

But the ever-increasing regulation of chemical killing agents will also make the haulm puller more important than ever. In the past, haulm pulling in seed potatoes was only topical, but more consumption potatoes are now being pulled to save labor and prevent tuber damage.

Faster hardening off of the tuber and faster harvesting are also an advantage when hauling. In short: even though the basic principle is already 75 years old, it is and remains an innovative machine, partly due to the latest development.

What is innovative is that the pulling mechanism has been adapted in such a way that a high constant tensile stress can be exerted, but that the arm can still deflect if the foliage mass or a stone is too large.

Over the years, their machine has been built lighter and lighter and is still fully mechanically driven, resulting in a machine that weighs only 1160 kg and only requires 90 hp power in combination with a haulm topper.

The size advantages are therefore that you have a very low soil load. Low fuel consumption (90 hp). 50-100% reduction on foliage killers. A faster hardening of the potatoes, which ensures that there is a lower infection pressure and a stronger tuber for better storage.
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Kloppenburg Machinebouw Haulmtopper and Haulmpuller

This product was part of the Interpom 2021 Innovation Tour

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