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Interpom finally brings the European potato chain together again.
Interpom finally brings the European potato chain together again.
November 16, 2021
Interpom 2021 is fast approaching – we are now on the home stretch! After a whole year of postponement, Interpom will finally be held on Sunday 28, Monday 29, and Tuesday 30 November 2021 in Kortrijk Xpo (B). Interpom is the leading international meeting platform for the potato chain in Europe and will be the first physical meeting platform of its kind since the pandemic broke out.

This event will be an exceptional one, with the appropriate theme being 'Let's reconnect the potato chain'! So come and meet colleagues and suppliers to discuss this very eventful period for the sector, to discover a selection of innovative solutions that will help you tackle the challenges of tomorrow, and above all to prepare for the 2022-2023 season.

In short, Interpom is always the perfect opportunity to take stock and keep abreast of the latest market developments.

Major challenges within the potato chain

The potato industry has been going through a particularly difficult time. Not only because of the whole coronavirus situation, which has had a considerable impact on the market but also as a result of other changes in circumstances that have affected the potato chain: the climate issue, the consequences of the ban on the use of CIPC for potato storage, the first steps towards the Green Deal, etc.

The 325 exhibitors from no less than 15 countries – involved in the cultivation, processing, or marketing of potatoes – have already developed many innovative solutions to meet these new challenges.

At Interpom, they will be presenting their most advanced machinery, products, services, and digital technologies in an exhibition area of 35,000 m² (that is, once again, the entire complex of Kortrijk Xpo!). These are aimed at potato growers, agriculture contractors, the processing industry, packers, buyers, and traders of fresh and processed potatoes.

Innovation tour: a selection of 26 innovations from the whole chain

An independent group of experts has made a selection of must-see innovations at Interpom.

This group consists of Pierre Lebrun (coordinator at Fiwap & ad interim coordinator Belpotato for Flanders and Wallonia), Kurt Demeulemeester (Department head Arable Crops @ Inagro), Tim Decoster (deputy editor in chief at Landbouwleven and mainly active in the subsectors of mechanization and arable farming), Patrick Dieleman (deputy editor in chief at Boer & Tuinder), Jaap Delleman (Director / Editor in chief Aardappelwereld / PotatoWorld) and Antoon Wallays (member of Belgapom & Senior Advisor at Agristo NV).

The 26 selected innovations are:

In the category "Culture & mechanization":

  1. The CropVision Gewis from AgroVision, stand R82
  2. The AVR Spirit 7200 from AVR, stand 608
  3. The MagGrow from Beyne, stand 482
  4. The Fontan Elektromobil from Borms, stand R52
  5. The Dewulf Configurator from Dewulf, stand 413-414
  6. The mechanical haulm remover from Kloppenburg Machinebouw, stand 474
  7. The EVA – Easy Virtual Assistant from Mooij Agro, stand 179
  8. The Optimizer from RH3S, stand R40A
  9. The RMA Defect Analyser from RMA-Techniek, stand 517
  10. The RMA RoboFry from RMA-Techniek, stand 517
  11. The new sugar beet variety Redukto from SESVanderhave, stand 618
  12. The Syngenta Spray Assist from Syngenta, stand 600D
  13. The Tolsma green-white LED lighting from Tolsma, stand 112
  14. The DiscMaster from Vegniek, stand 4118

In the category "processing & trade":

  1. The Moisture-Sense from Aquantis, stand 505
  2. The Callifreeze System from GEA, stand 320
  3. The Smart Grader READER from GEJO Grading, stand 645B
  4. The LEAF-Packaging Machine from GKS, stand 100
  5. The Corda Invicta from Kiremko, stand 191
  6. The D-Blade from PIP, stand 420
  7. The CO2 extractor from Restrain, stand 633
  8. The Vecoclip from Vecotec, stand R33
  9. The VHM Box Logistics from VHM Machinery, stand 688
  10. The Self-cleaning and disinfecting transport screw from StuMACo Eng. NV, stand R30
  11. The I’m Green from VDH Concept, stand 150
  12. The from Jebe Geel / www .HUMIGTOR, stand 226
It goes without saying that there will be many other interesting innovations on display on the 325 stands. However, this selection of 26 products (from a total of 65 entries that were submitted by the various exhibitors) was made based on the added value for the user, but also on the continued sustainability and the further professionalization of the potato sector.

The assessment by the group of experts also shows that digitalization is clearly on the rise in the potato sector. Still, the selection also includes straightforward yet very cleverly designed new products that will help users to remain both efficient and competitive in the sector.