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GEA animation tunnel freezer

GEA’s tunnel vision offers sustainable freezing solutions for French fries

January 29, 2023
Global sales of French fries are being driven by the rising number of online food delivery service companies. According to projections published by Fact.MR, French fries are forecast to register a whopping 5.8% value CAGR over the next 10 years.
Newtecs High-Performance Optical Sorting Machine for Potatoes.

Not only for weighing and packing: Newtec offers equipment for optical sorting of potatoes

October 15, 2022
Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. With more than 20,000 successful installations over the last 45 years
Farm tool expanded to support farmers' impact on water quality

Farm tool expanded to optimise nitrogen use and evidence impact on water quality

October 11, 2022
With pressure mounting on farmers to measure and reduce their impact on water quality, Trinity AgTech has launched an enhanced module within their natural capital navigation tool, Sandy.
Javier Meléndez conoce los detalles de la nueva planta.

España: Reyes Maroto visita la planta 4.0 que pondrá en marcha Patatas Meléndez tras invertir 36 millones

September 19, 2022
La ministra de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, Reyes Maroto, visitó el viernes las instalaciones de la nueva planta de producción que inaugurará Patatas Meléndez a finales de año.
Next-Generation Digital Air Velocity Sensor Array from Reading Thermal Employs Latest Technology to Increase Accuracy, Consistency, Repeatability

Next-Generation Air Velocity Sensor for ovens promises improved accuracy

August 12, 2022
Reading Thermal, the leading brand of measurement data logging systems by Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), has announced the release of a new SCORPION® 2 Digital Air Velocity Sensor Array that offers improved accuracy
Newtec Optical sorters, here applied for potatoes to be packed for retail

Newtec’s Optical Sorting Solution ideal for packers of table potatoes

July 18, 2022
Newtec’s weighing, sorting and packing solutions offer reliability and efficiency of production for customers in the food industry, such as potato packers.
Las soluciones de TOMRA Food permiten superar los retos operativos de las empaquetadoras de manzanas y proteger su imagen de marca.

Las soluciones de TOMRA Food permiten superar los retos operativos de las empaquetadoras de manzanas y proteger su imagen de marca

June 27, 2022
Damien Gibson, Director Global de la Categoría de Manzanas en TOMRA Food, analiza en este artículo los retos a los que se enfrentan las plantas de empaquetado de manzanas y explica cómo las soluciones de TOMRA Food ayudan a este tipo de empresas.
Near infrared spectral analysis for mobile applications for on-site food freshness testing.

Is Infrared spectral analysis (NIR) coming to your smartphone?

June 19, 2022
In the potato industry several analytical applications based on Near Infra Red (NIR) are used to characterize products. A German research institute sees applications even at home and is therefore working towards an NIR sensor small enough to fit your phone.
 Snow Valley Food's Plant

Potato processor Snow Valley Food benefits from an efficient collaboration with TOMRA Food

May 05, 2022
Snow Valley Food is the owner of a leading frozen french fries processing industry group of companies in Asia. The parent company, Snow Valley Agricultural Development co., ltd., is a large organization that operates across the whole industrial chain in the potato industry
USPTO grants a steam peeling patent to Kiremko BV

USPTO grants a steam peeling patent to Kiremko BV

March 08, 2022
Kiremko B.V. announced the issuance to it by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers a system for steam peeling of products having a skin. This unique concept is reflected in the steam peeling vessel of the market-leading Strata Invicta® steam peeler


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