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Kiremko Corda Invicta

With 30% less oil content, a 15% smaller factory footprint, a number of high-tech innovations and a lower Total Cost of Ownership than your current fryer, the Kiremko CORDA Invicta is leaps ahead in frying. All while guaranteeing a consistent, high-end product, regardless of layer thickness.
Kiremko Corda Invicta

Kiremko Corda Invicta

Small footprint Smart engineering and innovative industrial design have significantly reduced the floor footprint down by at least 15%. 30% fewer oil Thanks to a compact fryer pan and a unique new oil circulation system, it has 30% less oil content compared to other models of its kind.

Minimal wear The CORDA Invicta’s full metal belt with integrated chain-link construction eliminates plastic pollution, ensuring perfect product quality and minimizing wear. Long service life The rolling belt support and unique circulation pump reduce friction and wear, allowing for longer service life.

Increased safety The Kiremko CORDA Invicta features an integrated dirt removal system, steam blanketing, and automatic fire extinguishing. This keeps your production line, factory, and people safe.

Safe yet practical Vapor emissions have been reduced thanks to the completely closed system. Nonetheless, the insides are safe and easy to access thanks to the integrated hood and bottom operating system. Fewer chemicals Hygienic design, inside and out, allow the Kiremko CORDA Invicta to require less cleaning time and fewer cleaning products compared to its competitors.

High quality, low energy Using 30% less oil content, the CORDA Invicta also has a very short turn-over time. This guarantees product perfection while using less energy.

This product was part of the Interpom 2021 Innovation Tour