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Kiremko Primary Oil Filter

The Kiremko Primary Oil Filter (POF) is directly connected to the oil discharge of the fryer and filters the complete oil flow. With 10% - 15% less oil content compared to a conventional belt filter, the turnover time of your oil will be reduced significantly.

The machine distinguishes itself by its simplicity and accessibility. The oil is led through a perforated screen which is kept clean by flights that are sliding over the filtration screen. The flights are mounted to a chain which is driven by a single drive and has no bearings, sprockets or other moving parts below the oil level.

The smallest available perforation is only 0,8 mm, which means the Primary Oil Filter ensures a finer filtration than most other filters that are available for this stage of your process.

Due to the improved crumb separation, there will be less crumbs ending up in follow-up filtration steps, making these filters more efficient as well. Adding the Primary Oil Filter to your process enables you to have a simplified circulation system with reduced oil content.