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Improve your French Fry Line with these Innovations from Kiremko

At Interpom | Primeurs 2018, held in Kortrijk Xpo from November 25 -27, Kiremko will launch its latest innovation in the field of frying oil filtering: the Kiremko Primary Oil Filter.

November 20, 2018

Dutch equipment manufacturer Kiremko is market leader of machinery for the potato processing industry.

The company is active worldwide in designing, producing and installing complete processing lines, factory upgrades and individual machines for the production of French fries.

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the field of processing potatoes into French fries with the latest technologies and techniques, Kiremko can provide you with the necessary information that goes beyond just specifying the right machinery.

At Interpom | Primeurs 2018, held in Kortrijk Xpo from November 25 -27, Kiremko introduces two innovations that can be installed in your French fry line and will significantly enhance your process.

Kiremko Primary Oil Filter

Kiremko Primary Oil Filter

Kiremko Primary Oil Filter

During the Interpom Primeurs 2018 Kiremko will launch its latest innovation in the field of oil filtering: the Kiremko Primary Oil Filter.

The Primary Oil Filter (POF) is directly connected to the oil discharge of the fryer and filters the complete oil flow. With 10% - 15% less oil content compared to a conventional belt filter, the turnover time of your oil will be reduced significantly.

The machine distinguishes itself by its simplicity and accessibility. The oil is led through a perforated screen which is kept clean by flights that are sliding over the filtration screen. The flights are mounted to a chain which is driven by a single drive and has no bearings, sprockets or other moving parts below the oil level.

The smallest available perforation is only 0,8 mm, which means the Primary Oil Filter ensures a finer filtration than most other filters that are available for this stage of your process.

Due to the improved crumb separation, there will be less crumbs ending up in follow-up filtration steps, making these filters more efficient as well.

Adding the Primary Oil Filter to your process enables you to have a simplified circulation system with reduced oil content.

Kiremko KnifeGuard

Kiremko KnifeGuard

Kiremko KnifeGuard

A unique knife identification system for the QuadraFlow hydro cutter is the KnifeGuard®. This system provides valuable process information by monitoring and maintaining the knife blocks and matching alignment tubes.

A so-called RFID tag connected with an antenna is placed inside the hydro cutter to check the correct combination of inlet, knife block and outlet with the selected cutting size. The KnifeGuard® also keeps track of the operating hours of the knife block and gives more insight into the use of the blades in practice. This way, optimum cutting quality and shape of your French fries is guaranteed.

Reliable and dimensional stability

The cut quality of your product will determine the success of further processing. The product will be singulated, accelerated to a suitable speed and then aimed to ensure optimal cut quality and dimensional stability. A number of different style knife blocks with a wide range of cut sizes to suit your specification can be selected to give the optimal result.
Kiremko specialists will be pleased to discuss these innovations with you at Interpom | Primeurs in booth #191