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Manter Semi Automatic Bagger: SAB 2

Manter has completely re-engineered the previous SAB and now offers the SAB 2. The SAB, semi-automatic bagger, is a packing machine in big demand in the packing industry. Net, burlap and paper bags are suspended under the feeding hole manually or automatically, after which it is filled and automatically closed by an industrial sewing machine. In addition, the SAB can be reconfigured to fill separated PE bags, in which case a horizontal sealer seals the bags. The SAB is primarily used to fill big bags with potatoes, onions and similar products.

The new model, the SAB 2, is the result of state of the art technology and materials. Moreover, this semi-automatic machine complies with all statutory machine safety requirements. Its new frame is engineered in compliance with European CE regulations. Manter has spent a considerable amount of time on perfecting the machine’s user friendliness. For example a lot of space was created for the various components to be individually accessed and the sewing head to be maintained. Also, a safety system has been fitted for cutting the thread and tape.

The development of the new semi-automatic system has led to a machine with a bigger capacity, available in two models: standard and high-speed. Both models feature an automatic height-adjustment system and an extended support belt. On both machines bags can be hung by hand or with an automatic Manter bag suspender. Particularly the high-speed model is suitable for operating with the latter. This results in a high capacity, fully automatic machine capable of processing up to eighteen 25-kg bags per minute. Both Manter SAB 2 models can be combined with any weigher available on the market.