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Selecting the right packaging machine for your needs

Selecting the right packaging machine for your needs

December 14, 2020

With so many weighing and packaging options available, it can be difficult to narrow down the right fit for your processing line.

Wyma Solutions’ long-term partner, Manter, is a well-respected player within the international market with over two decades of expertise behind them. They offer the widest range of both linear combination weighers and packaging equipment within the industry, combining specialist knowledge with precision engineering to bring high-quality machinery to your packing line.

To help find the right equipment for your line, Manter has put together this short guide to help begin the selection process.

1) Define your produce varieties

Manter manufactures weighing and packaging equipment for a variety of different applications. From apples, onions and potatoes to frozen meat and pet food, there’s likely a solution to suit your unique needs.

You will, however, need to determine if your equipment is for one specific application or a variety. Many of Manter’s machines can be designed to weigh and pack different produce types; for example, if your line runs potatoes and onions.

2) Decide on required throughput

Understanding the scale of your operation is a major factor in the purchase process. Line throughput, washability, produce delicacy, line speed and end primary consumer (for example, export) are just a few examples of the factors to consider in your scale.

Of course, budget will also be a large factor in the decision-making process. Manter is able to ensure a suitable solution for any budget.

Manter is able to ensure a suitable solution for any budget

3) Determine quality level

The packaging material best suited to your customers and your line will depend on the produce type and the level of presentation required. Packaging material options include net packing, plastic packing, punnets, flow pack, stretch film or a combination.

Due to a variety of requirements for different markets, there is an ever-increasing demand for equipment that enables the customer to work with various packaging types. Manter linear combination weighers are the only machines that allow customers to connect up to four bagging systems to a single weigher.

4) Select packaging material

Within these packaging categories there are various options available, and each will influence the look and style of your packed produce. For net packing, for example, there are options such as clipped net, net bags from the roll and single wicketed net bags.

Whatever you choose will determine which Manter product is best suited to your requirements.

Each packaging option will influence the look and style of your packed produce

5) Confirm the look and style

Once you know your produce variety, throughput, quality, packaging material and style, you will have assembled all the information required to make the correct packaging machine choice. This is likely to be a once-in-a-decade decision, so it is recommended that the next step is to speak to an expert who works in this area every day.

6) Speak to a specialist

Wyma Solutions is a Manter dealer that can offer specialist advice to help you find the right packaging machine for your line. Their years of experience and specialist know-how mean that they can navigate through the various available options that match your specific requirements.

Browse the various options that are available through Wyma here, or find out more about Manter by talking to one of our sales representatives here.