Mooij Agro Every-Air

To improve the air distribution in box-storages, Mooij Agro developed the EVERY-AIR. The EVERY-AIR is a specially designed tarp, which is positioned on a specific position in the air-duct, under the airbag and between the rows of boxes. By using the EVERY-AIR, the air distribution is improved by as much as 300%!

The development of the EVERY-AIR has taken 2 years, but the result is there to see all thanks to the in-house knowledge, doing practice measurements and the use of flow simulation software. In a storage with rows of 26 boxes long and 6 high, the difference in air distribution used to be 40%. After placing the EVERY-AIR the difference in air distribution reduced to even 13%. Now, each box roughly gets an equal amount of air. Hence the name: EVERY-AIR.

An improvement of the air distribution means: quicker drying, more efficient cooling, better quality of your crop and a reduction energy costs. In case of CIPC application it results in less sprouting and lower residues. The EVERY-AIR can be positioned easily, even in existing storages. The specialists of Mooij Agro are willing to do an air measurement, in order to demonstrate the improvement.

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