Mooij Agro EVA - Easy Virtual Assistant

Mooij Agro EVA - Easy Virtual Assistant

Mooij Agro EVA - Easy Virtual Assistant

The Easy Virtual Assistant – EVA – is the new smart assistant wizard for growers and crop storage operators. EVA is available as an additional module in Croptimiz-r; the latest automation system for crop storage. With the Croptimiz-r EVA edition, crop growers and storage operators can respond faster, more easily, and more effectively to changing conditions during the storage season.

EVA navigates users through the entire Croptimiz-r system, showing only the information needed at that moment. This unique feature provides a clear overview and makes the system user-friendly.

Every step of the development of EVA revolved around user-friendliness for growers. The wizard includes an interactive guide and simplified set-up options. EVA helps the storage operator set the optimal basic settings at the start of the storage process.

And throughout the whole storage season, EVA is there for the storage operator with the right information about the settings at the right time. This means the storage operator always has information about the current situation in the storage facility at their fingertips and can act on it quickly, without help from third parties.

With the Croptimiz-r and EVA, growers optimize their storage processes for the best possible storage results and for the most efficient and economical possible process. This also results in reduced energy costs and consumption.

And the more quickly growers adjust storage settings to changing conditions, the better the quality of potatoes will remain. The higher the quality of the potatoes, the fewer potatoes need to be thrown away. That is good for sustainability and good for commerce.
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Mooij Agro presents Croptimiz-r EVA edition

This product was part of the Interpom 2021 Innovation Tour