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tna auto-splice 3

tna auto-splice 3

The tna auto-splice 3 system is an innovative solution that automatically joins a new film to an expiring film roll with no interruption to packaging line.

Featuring a dual-spindle film system and rotary reel swapping mechanisms, a new pre-prepared film is always ready to take over from the current roll.

This helps reduce film waste and removes the downtime associated with manually splicing and replacing rolls, increasing uptime by up to 5%*.The result; a more productive and profitable packaging line, capable of producing up to 2,800 more bags per line, per day.

Compact, efficient and easily retrofittable to tna robag ® 3ci machines, the system adds only 200mm to the existing packaging equipment footprint, while seamlessly integrating with tna robag ® 3cisoftware for improved performance monitoring and faster system maintenance.

  • Automatic film changeover with no interruption increases up-time of packaging lines by up to 5%*
    • Produce up to 2,800 more bags per line per day*
    • Free up operator time
    • Reduce film waste
  • Compact, only adds 200mm to the existing footprint
  • Available for new orders of tna robag 3e or retrofit to tna robag 3ci machines

Standard features
  • retrofittable to tna robag 3ci machines
  • compact design, adds only 200mm to robag footprint
  • excellent accessibility to splice preparation area
  • simple operator film preparation
  • unique film reel swapping
  • max reel diameter 350mm
  • max FBW of 310mm (220mm on robag 230 machine)
  • ability to complete registered splice
  • includes film auto-tracking as standard
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TNA auto splice 3

TNA auto splice 3


tna auto-splice 3 brochure

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tna auto-splice 3 brochure

tna auto-splice 3 brochure

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tna auto-splice 3 specifications

tna auto-splice 3 specifications

All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.