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tna Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3

Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 is a cost-effective steam peeling solution for your root vegetables with low maintenance costs, thanks to a minimum of wearing parts.

Steam peel root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, baby carrots, parsnip, beets, and more, for your French fry or ready-to-eat produce production line.

Thanks to its innovative design with fewer moving parts and robust stainless steel construction, the Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 is more reliable with greater uptime for both yearlong and seasonal production periods.

Florigo’s ultra-peel SSC 3 features large doors to provide easy access to the vessel for thorough cleaning and quick maintenance, and a steam vessel with Ø500mm inlet door to increase yield by fast product filling and discharge.

Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 pairs with Florigo ultra-peel ODC 3 for best peeling results, and integrates seamlessly with tna's washing and destoning solutions: Florigo ultra-clean OC 3, Florigo ultra-clean WT 3 and Florigo ultra-clean COMBO 3.

Standard features
  • Weigh hopper with door for quick filling in equal batches
  • Dedicated pressure vessels for French fries potatoes, baby carrots, and other root vegetables
  • Pressure vessel from mild steel with Ø500mm inlet door access
  • Large doors for easy access to the vessel
  • Adjustable steam time, steam pressure, vessel rotations speed, and valve control system
  • Discharge auger to carry product out of the steam vessel
  • Expansion vessel for quick steam discharge
  • Operator interface/PLC with 12” touchscreen monitor in multiple languages for quick and easy process control
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)

Optional features
  • Duplex stainless-steel pressure vessel for increased durability and a longer product life cycle
  • Water spray on door seal to prevent skin from sticking to the seal, which helps extend the product life cycle (best when handling carrots)
  • Pre-evacuation of non-condensable gases to speed up heating and the peeling process
  • Weigh belt with hopper allows flexibility for handling carrots
  • Heat recovery system to re-use vapour condensate and save energy
  • Peel scanner to ensure peeling efficiency and energy savings are at their max

Application: french fries, fresh produce, frozen
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.
* For other products, information available on request.

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