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tna - Florigo vacuum continuous frying system vac-pro® 3

Florigo vac-pro® 3 is a continuous vacuum frying system that gives you options to produce a variety of fried products, including root vegetables and fruits, with lower fat content.

The Florigo vac-pro® 3 fries your product at a lower temperature, reducing oil absorption, thus lowering fat content, as well as reducing acrylamide formation, regardless of sugar content. Resulting in a healthier product with a more natural colour, taste and texture.

Standard features

  • Rotary infeed system and vacuum discharge lock
  • Vacuum system: pumps with lubrication oil containers, air filters, condensers, oil demister, condensate water collection tank
  • Discharge lock
  • Oil circulation system: pump, heat exchanger, oil filter
  • Temperature and pressure control
Optional features

  • Oil storage tank

Application: Vacuum continuous frying of various products
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.

Key Technology
Tummers Food Processing Solutions
Heat and Control
PIP Innovations
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
TNA Australia Pty Ltd
Rosenqvists Food Technologies
Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd (NSSPL)
Herbert B.V.
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Buhler Aeroglide
Flo-Mech Ltd
Iscon Balaji Foods
Idaho Steel Products
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FPS Food Process Solutions
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NDC Technologies
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Charlottetown Metal Products
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