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The TOMRA 5A sorting machine brings more than 98% removal rate of foreign objects, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. Running the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantly increases the level of food safety and yield.


The TOMRA 5A infeed belt sorting machine efficiently discards a wide range of foreign materials, such as heavy and floating stones, corn cobs and roots, wood, glass, plastics, golf balls and metals as well as many others. This process minimizes the risk of food contamination further down the line and leads to improved product quality. These include heavy and floating stones, corn cobs and roots, wood, glass, plastics, golf balls and metals as well as many others. The sorter is equipped with the latest in product quality management controls, which results in a quick and easy output of a consistent customer specific product quality for further processing. This is achieved through the brand-new intuitive and functional graphical user interface design, TOMRA ACT, which encompasses a one screen layout so users can see all critical sort information and real-time sorting data at a glance. Quick monitoring and fast adjustments are possible at all times, which means the customer is always in control of the quality of the sort.
TOMRA 5A potato sorting machine: overview

  • Superior foreign material removal: more than 98% removal rate!
  • Maximum food safety
  • Consistent quality product output
  • Minimal product waste, by minimizing the level of false rejects, resulting in higher yield
  • High performance
  • User-friendly
  • An intuitive and less operator-dependent sorting process thanks to the new Graphical User Interface
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • The sorter is self-monitoring
A powerful combination of exceptional features, a peel control module and ease of use makes the TOMRA 5A sorting machine an excellent addition to the TOMRA range, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the entire sorting process.

The peel control module takes potato data from the TOMRA 5A sorter for dependable measurements of the peel removal levels. Using proven process control techniques to achieve the desired peel removal, the optimal steam time is then calculated and sent directly to the steam peeler. Consequently, the result is lower peel loss and less food waste, with no operator supervision required.


Process potatoes

  • French fries
  • Potato chips
  • Specialty potato products
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