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Trio Chemicals - TRIOBAN PA 536

Silicone based (liquid) Defoamer.

Performs exceedingly well to control foams in all types of potato washing /slicing / blanching processes.


  • Food Grade Antifoam
  • High Perfomance Antifoam
  • Conserves Water trio
  • Very Effective@ Low Temperature
  • Non Toxic & Biodegradable
  • Easy Handling
  • Low Dosage
  • Economical
Product Specifications
  1. Trio chemicals offers variable pack sizes for its prodects, most preferred being 25 kg carboy
  2. 25 kg packing enables easy handling and smooth movement of material in the plant premises.
  3. Users are provided with safe working environment due to less weight lifting of material easy handling
  4. User Indirectly contributes to CSR by providing good working conditions to their employees.
  5. To avoid manual dosing of product in the line , Trio chemicals also offers imported dosing pump for uninterrupted dosing of defoamer and hence continuous processing.
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Antifoam Selection Guide


Combination of Polypropylene Glycol and Copolymers.

Solid Content, 100 %