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Wyma Barrel Washer

Wyma's Barrel Washer is a cost-effective machine that effectively and gently washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones. Produce can be partially or fully submerged during washing.

As the perforated barrel rotates, vegetables rub against each other and the barrel for a gentle clean. Agitation bars inside the barrel maximize washing performance.

Soil and debris collects in the hoppers underneath the barrel. Dump valves regularly clear debris build-up. The outfeed elevator allows you to choose the outfeed height for your produce and it provides gentle handling.


  • Gentle produce handling, at high speeds if needed
  • Outfeed height can be set to suit your needs
  • Easy access to internal parts
  • Variable speed controlled barrel
  • Adjustable outfield gate
  • Agitation bars inside the barrel
  • Drive system positioned out of the water

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AOutfeed elevatorGentle produce handling, at high speeds if needed.
Outfeed height can be set to suit your needs.
Gooseneck available* to gentle drop onto the next piece of equipment.
BRemovable side panelsEasy access to internal parts.
CVariable speed controlled barrelChange produce wash intensity by adjusting barrel rotation speed.
DAdjustable outfield gate
(manual or automatic*)
Holds produce in the barrel for a more intense wash.
EAgitation bars inside the barrelGives the best cleaning results.
FInspection hatchesQuick and easy cleaning and maintenance access.
GDrive system positioned out of the waterEasy access.
Longer life for drive system.
HAutomatic dump valves*Controlled. periodic removal of sand and dirt.
 IPerforated barrelProduce can run partially or fully submerged.
JBarrel stabiliser and alignment rollersBarrel stays stable as it rotates.
 Internal cleaning barsAutomatic barrel rinsing and cleaning.
Reduces manual cleaning time.

* Optional

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Wyma Barrel Washer

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