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Wyma Drying Tunnel

Wyma's Drying Tunnel removes excess surface moisture from produce prior to packaging to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and disease initiation, maximizing shelf life.

Produce travels on a roller conveyor through a specifically designed hood where it is dried by a high-velocity flow of air.

Airflow is provided by a vertical warm-air heater and an extractor fan. Conveyor rollers rotate produce for even drying.


  • Insulated hood for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Heat exchanger ensures low air humidity to optimise drying efficiency*.
  • Variable roller conveyor speed to control amount of time in the Drying Tunnel*.
  • Reduced bacteria growth, resulting in extended shelf-life.
  • Gentle handling.
  • Robustly built to withstand wet produce and variable conditions.
  • Roller conveying to maximize drying efficiency and reach Additional air circulation fans to keep sufficient air movement to aid drying.
  • Available in multiple sizes Upgrade to stainless steel rollers available*


(* Optional)


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Wyma Drying Tunnel