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Wyma Evenflow

Wyma's Evenflow Hopper evenly supplies produce on-demand to the next stage in your line, converting an irregular infeed to a constant outfeed flow.

Wyma's Evenflow Hopper is a combination of conveyor and hopper. It evenly supplies produce to the next piece of equipment in your line (in a continuous process). It converts an irregular infeed supply to a constant outfeed flow. It can also provide buffer storage.

The Evenflow Hopper starts in a raised position with the infeed end of the conveyor bed as high as it can go. When a sensor detects produce on the conveyor, the end of the conveyor lowers, creating a produce storage area. As produce backlog clears, the end of the conveyor lifts back up.

This sensor-controlled system can be set up so produce is only fed to the next piece of equipment as it is needed (on-demand).

There are two motors; one driving the conveyor and one driving the up-and-down movement.


  • Large storage capacity up to 1t
  • Produce can be stored before it is fed to the line
  • Heavy-duty belt - robust and long lasting
  • Slat bed - very low maintenance
  • Variable speed conveyor allows feed rate control for soft start to reduce jolting of part
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ALarge storage capacity;
approximately 300 kg - 1000 kg
Produce can be stored before it is fed to the line.
BProduce depth sensorHelps minimise produce infeed drop.
CContinuous feed sensor*Changes belt speed for smooth produce flow rate.
DExternal coversRestrict access to danger areas for safe operation.
EHeavy-duty beltRobust and long lasting.
FSlat bedVery low maintenance.
GSide skirts*Stop dirt getting under the belt.
HTwo geared motorsSeparate drives for conveyor and lift action.
ISimple, durable tensioning systemVery low maintenance and easy to adjust.
JVariable speed conveyorAllows feed rate control for soft start to reduce jolting of parts.
KAdjustable feetFor easy, level installation.
 Automatic conversion from hopper to conveyorFlexible application.
 Soft-drop at transition points*Gentle transition to minimise produce damage.

* Optional

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Wyma Evenflow

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