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Wyma Floating Debris Remover

Wyma's Floating Debris Remover removes unwanted buoyant debris from the Wyma Wet Hopper.

Wyma's Floating Debris Remover is designed to sit above the tank of a Wet Hopper and prevent floating debris from clogging downstream equipment.

Water jets on the Wet Hopper push debris towards the rotating web belt on the Floating Debris Remover. The belt catches debris and carries it to the waste conveyor for disposal, sale or reuse.

The height is adjustable, so you can choose how deep in the water the end of the belt sits. This can be set to suit different debris types.


  • Adjustable depth in water tank to suit different types of floating material or produce conditions
  • High-quality web belt with steel cross bars and double cleats
  • Web continuously on wear strips for greater support
  • Long lasting
  • Available as part of Combi-Washer and Combi-System
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Wyma Potato Wash Line with 6-bay Extra Wide Wet Hopper

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