Wyma Lift Roller Sizer

Wyma's updated Lift Roller Sizer provides more accurate sizing is cleaner to run and has improved maintenance and cleaning access.

Wyma's Lift Roller Sizer has fully stainless steel construction and features mechanically driven rollers that turn consistently for more accurate sizing.

It features bottom (fixed rollers) and top rollers (lifting rollers) mounted on two endless chains, that travel on a series of ramps.

Top rollers lift to the height of the ramps as they move forward, creating an opening for small produce to fall through.

Ramp heights are easily adjusted using the ergonomically designed manual handle or automatically when remote capability has been integrated. Adjustments can be made while the equipment is operating.

From three to six size variations (drops) available.

Wyma's Lift Roller Sizer is essential on lines running large tonnages and is suitable for potatoes, carrots, onions, and other round or cylindrical produce.

For best results, place your Lift Roller Sizer after your washing, brushing, or drying equipment.

1200mm, 1500mm, & 1800mm standard sizer widths available with customized options available to suit your application.


  • Gentle sizing.
  • Fully stainless steel construction.
  • Large access panels for easier servicing.
  • Direct drive lifting rollers help turn produce for increased sizing accuracy.
  • Safety cover.
  • Open topped channels for easy chain replacement.
  • Optional automatic and remote sizing.
  • Choice of rollers.
  • Centralised greasing system to increase life expectancy of moving parts.
  • Heavy duty drive system.
  • No transmission chain.
  • Bottom rollers driven by timing belt mean a consistent roller speed for more consistent sizing.
  • Optional reversible cross conveyors for added line flexibility


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Wyma Lift Roller Sizer

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