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Wyma Vege-Polisher™ V4

Wyma's V4 Vege-Polisher™ has many features including automated machine operation and improved access for maintenance and cleaning. Our Vege-Polisher™ has a rotating drum made up of rows of nylon brushes.

Produce enters via a large infeed chute. Two water pipes spray fresh and/or recycled water on the produce as it travels through the drum. Produce is washed/polished as it rubs against other produce as well as the rotating brushes.

At the outfeed, produce slides down a chute with minimal drop for a smooth transition to downstream equipment. The Vege-Polisher™ improves the appearance of fresh vegetables, resulting in more premium packed produce and an increased presence on retailers' shelves.

Wyma's experience with rotary brush drum technology and brush specification means vegetables are washed and polished to the highest retailing standards.


  • Reliable V and synchronous belt drive system with proven performance and durability
  • Manual jog function - rotates drum and brushes for safe and easy everyday cleaning
  • Touchscreen controls and integrated electrics
  • External spray bar keep brushes clean and minimizes debris accumulation
  • Customized brush configurations
  • Fresh water rinse on outfeed
  • Patented horizontal counter-opening doors providing full access to brushes and wash zone
  • Unobstructed access to machine with minimal intrusion into walkway
  • No rubber seals and no internal catch points
  • Automatically stops when a door or guard is opened
  • IP66 drives
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AReliable V and synchronous belt drive systemProven performance and durability.
BManual jog functionRotates drum and brushes for safe and easy everyday cleaning.
CTouch screen controls and integrated electricsMakes equipment installation easy.
Equipment is easy to use.
DExternal spray barHelps keep brushes clean and minimises debris accumulation.
ECustomised brush configurationsTo suit your produce and conditions, maximising polishing effectiveness.
FFresh water rinse on outfeedRinses away waste water and debris.
GPatented horizontal counter-opening doorsFull access to brushes and wash zone.
Unobstructed access to machine with minimal intrusion into walkway.
No rubber seals and no internal catch points.
HInfeed rinseUses recycled water to drench produce as it enters Vege-PolisherTM. Improves polishing result.
ISoft infeed chute*Extra gentle entry of produce to the Vege-PolisherTM.
JHinged end guardsExcellent access for service. Easy to open and refit.
 Drive capacity feedbackKnow how hard you are pushing your machine.
 Safety sensors built inAutomatically stops when a door or guard is opened
 IP66 drivesHigh environmental tolerance.
 Isolated wash zone with smooth contact surfacesDebris more contained, belts shielded. Protects motors and gearboxes and directs all water and debris down into Water Recycling Base.*
 Tri-clamp fittings on all pipe workEasy cleaning and maintenance access.

* Optional

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Wyma's New Vege-Polisher