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Wyma Web Conveyors & Elevators

Wyma Web Conveyor & Elevator belts are made with rubber-coated steel bars. Gaps between the bars allow debris or water to fall through the belt, separating it from produce flow.

These conveyors suit harsh operating conditions. They are often used at the start of a line when incoming produce is wet or very dirty.

They are a great option if produce needs to be lightly sprayed before further handling.

Web cleats are used on Elevators.


  • Multiple width and length options available
  • Web cleats available for elevated conveying
  • Shaking can be added to improve dirt separation*
  • A range of web options are available
  • Gooseneck options available
  • Durable construction to ensure a long operational life and minimal maintenance
  • Carrot mold to minimise gap between bars on the web belt, preventing the loss of produce
  • In-feed and out-feed stainless steel chutes with soft rubber lining*


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