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Punjab, located in the far northwest of India, ranks 6th among the potato producing states in India. The state used to rank 5th but has been overtaken by Madya Pradesh

The average acreage in Punjab used for the cultivation of potatoes is 86.000 hectares, with a yield of about 20 tons/ha.

Of these 86.000 ha, 80.000 ha (93%) are located in the Doaba region, one of the three main regions of Punjab. Doaba ('land of two rivers') is the region between the rivers Sutlej and Beas, with the city of Jalandar as a central point.

The five year average potato production in Punjab (2012-2016) was 2,278,430 tonnes, accounting for 5.02 percent of the overall potato production in India in this period.

Punjab is a major producer of seed potatoes and supplies reportedly 60-70% of India's seed potatoes.
Agricultural Statistics Punjab
Potato Production in 2017 :2571040.00tonnes3rd Advance Estimate
Potato Production in 2016 :2423000.00tonnes
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