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Dirty Potato Chips

Dirty potato chips is a brand of Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and no longer exists as a manufacturing company. Dirty's chips are Kosher certified, contain no wheat gluten, and are kettle cooked in a peanut oil blend for a deep, delicious potato chip taste.

"Dirty" Potato Chips was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987, supplying potato chips to the tri-state area of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

In the mid 90's the company was acquired by Zappe Endeavors (Zapp's potato chips) from Louisiana. When Zappe Endeavors was acquired in 2011 by Utz Quality Foods, Dirty Potato Chips became one of Utz' potato chip brands.

The name "Dirty" is derived from the fact that the starch is not washed from the chips after the cutting process, a typical characteristic of the kettle frying process.

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