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Benu Development GmbH

Potatoes for Processing
Our company Benu Development GmbH located in Eschborn, Germany has wide business relationships between Europe and the Middle East/Africa.

The farming business started 24 years ago and has continued to grow ever since. We supply the European market with certain high quality of fresh crops at competitive prices.

Our rich lands with fertile soil have been producing excellent quality of crops. We supply and use only the best seeds. Irrigation systems are following the latest technologies possible to ensure efficiency. We then support our growers throughout the crop cycle to get the best from our lands and ensure a consistent, reliable supply to meet our diverse customers’ requirements.

Our product quality meets the European standards and all the required certifications are available.

Currently available

Currently we can provide (Lady Rosetta, Hermes, Santana, Spunta) starting February. We can also provide other types upon prior agreements.

We can do the packing upon your request and ship from Germany to all Europe, right to your door.

Prices depend on early contracts, quantity and shipping locations. Kindly check our website for further details.
Your satisfaction is our primary goal!
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