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Pineland Farms Potato Company

The Pineland Farms Potato Company (formerly known as Naturally Potatoes) is a manufacturer of refrigerated pasteurized cut and mashed potato products in Maine.

Nearly twenty years ago a group of 4th generation Maine potato farmers had a vision that would create jobs, business opportunities, and a brighter future for the young people of Aroostook County. In 1997 they built a new state-of-the-art potato processing facility that transformed the thousands of acres of potatoes grown in the region from a commodity to a refrigerated ready-to-cook product.

The brand, then called Naturally Potatoes, started with cut potatoes, but with an investment from the Libra Foundation and the help of Bill Haggett, Naturally Potatoes’ new CEO, within 2 years the company added a line of mashed potatoes, which were in higher demand.

In 2004,Basic American Foods was interested in entering the refrigerated potato market and bought Naturally Potatoes in 2005. Five years later the Libra Foundation, Bill Haggett and founder Rodney McCrum bought the company back and incorporated as Pineland Farms Potato Company, Inc. (PFPC), which has been growing steadily ever since.

In addition to contracting processing potatoes from many family-owned farms,the Pineland Farms Potato Company purchased it’s own farming operation in 2012 and became a vertically integrated business.

In an effort to diversify the company’s product offerings, the Pineland Farms Potato Company purchased the Pineland Farms Creamery, which produces a line of award-winning cheeses, from the Libra Foundation in 2013.

In January 2017 Bob Evans Farms Inc signed an agreement to acquire the Pineland Farms Potato Company, expected to be executed
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