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Spiessens Machinery

For 5 generations, Spiessens aims for quality and durability.

Originally an expert in the development of farming machinery, Spiessens steadily evolved into the field of conveyers.

Our infrastructure is created to answer specific questions from our clients. We analyse every challenge and our engineering department translates it into an integral solution. Over the years, with this experience and know-how, we evolved into a well known constructor of machinery with its own engineering. Custom made machinery is our specialty.

Our sister company Deliconstruct laser cuts and, if required, folds our sheet metal designs, so we can create quickly and efficiently thanks to a modular system.

Every piece of machinery, delivered by Spiessens, strictly follows CE and machinery directives in safety. We also co-operate with our suppliers on the fields of electricity, pneumatics and hydraulics. All data can be found in the manual delivered with the machine.

It is our target to guarantee an optimal quality of our products, while maintaining our high standard in reliability, durability, environment friendliness and, last but not least, safety.

Spiessens is a 100% family-based company, backed up by strong management.

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Spiessens Machinery
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