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Wong Potatoes

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Wong Potatoes, Inc. is a family owned business, which has been growing packing, and shipping high quality potatoes in the United States since 1930.

We currently ship our potatoes throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Pacific Rim Countries. Owners are Dee Dee and Daniel Chin, third generation potato farmers in the Klamath Basin. The Klamath Basin is ideal for growing high quality potatoes, because of its high elevation (4100 ft) and short growing season (115 days).

With limited pest pressures we can grow organic crops with very limited control measures. Organically we raise 16 different varieties of red, yellow, russet, purple, white, and fingerling types of potatoes. We also raise some conventional potatoes in red, yellow, and purple types for export and domestic uses. We have a well established customer base, some that we have been serving over eighty years. Our season starts in September with fresh harvested potatoes right out of the field and package to local retail stores in your area. We harvest throughout October and stored in state of the art storage facilities (air and humidity controlled) to the end of May each year.

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