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    Improved snack seasoning with Heat and Control FastBack Revolution

    Improved snack seasoning with Heat and Control FastBack Revolution

    Heat and Control has established itself as the world leader in On Machine Seasoning (OMS) Systems by looking at OMS from a complete system approach and providing groundbreaking technology innovations.

    The net result is the most consistent seasoning coverage with lowest seasoning usage rates in the market. These technologies include a patented Revolution Gate which automatically proportions the correct amount of product flow based on the weigher's requirements.

    Now you can accurately and uniformly apply different seasonings at the point-of-packaging and use less seasoning. Heat and Control’s FastBack Revolution On-Machine seasoning system delivers unmatched efficiency by operating as an integrated system with bagmakers, weighers, and product delivery conveyors.

    FastBack Revolution consistently matches application targets with the lowest standard deviation. This helps processors maintain nutrition labelling targets for ingredients, such as sodium, that are particularly important for consumers. Revolution also reduces product breakage, the loss of seasonings, and allows different flavourings to be applied at each weigher/bagmaker system.

    Seasoning feed is controlled by a load cell and matched to product flow for precise and consistent application rates. FastBack horizontal motion conveyors equipped with Revolution rotary gates distribute proportional amounts of product to each Revolution seasoning system.

    The Revolution gate modulates product flow for small and large bag sizes without starving downstream equipment. Unlike slide gates, Revolution’s cylindrical gate has no pinch points to break product or cause injuries.

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    Heat and Control FastBack Revolution factory set-up

    The Revolution seasoner’s compact tumble drum is built into the pan of a FastBack horizontal motion conveyor to eliminate damaging product drop points, maintain consistent product flow, and save floor space. Compared to vibratory conveying, FastBack’s slow-forward fast-back motion cuts product breakage up to 60% and prevents the loss and build-up of seasonings in the conveyor pan.

    “To achieve the highest level of quality and productivity, the Revolution product distribution and On-Machine seasoning system, and packaging equipment are designed to behave as a single cohesive unit, and not just a room full of individual unit operations,” explains Blake Svejkovsky, product handling systems manager at Heat and Control.

    “The product demands of each weigher-bagmaker are continuously communicated to the FastBack conveyors and Revolution distribution gates through a sophisticated Revolution DF Control system,” says Svejkovsky. “This assures each weigher-bagmaker never has to wait for the product and can run continuously. In addition to producing very accurate bag weights, this allows the on-machine seasoning system, weighers, and bagmakers to operate for longer uninterrupted periods. And that improves overall seasoning and product quality without missed cycles or overweight bags.”

    To reduce the time and cost of installation, the complete Revolution system is pre-assembled and mounted to a Rapid Deployment platform prior to shipping. Pre-plumbed and wired, the platform modules are quickly set in place and connected to utilities at the plant so production can begin without delays.

    Ease of operation, sanitation and cleaning – there simply is no other system that is as simple to clean and use.

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    Heat and Control FastBack Revolution