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McCain Foods (Canada) introduces McCain Marché line of snacks

The new McCain Marché line-up consists of three types of snacks: Harvest Pockets, Protein Pop'ables and the rebranded & relaunched Pizza Pockets

Despite false social media reports to the contrary, McCain has no intention of discontinuing Canadians’ beloved Pizza Pockets.

With a new look but the same recipe and great flavours, Pizza Pockets are now part of an exciting new snacking line up called McCain Marché.

McCain Foods (Canada) announced the introduction of the McCain Marché lineup last week and soon you can find these satisfying snacks in the freezer aisles at grocery retailers across Canada.

Made with wholesome, high-quality ingredients, McCain Marché snacks are warm and delicious: the 'perfect in-between' to keep Canadians going from one thing to the next.

Vikram Bawa, Vice President, Marketing:

"We know Canadians are looking for more in their snacks. Empty calories are out and simple ingredients are in. People want more satisfying snack choices they can feel good about and that better fit their lifestyles."

"We've listened and delivered: McCain Marché snacks are delicious and offer a balance of grains, dairy, meats and vegetables."
All McCain Marché snacks are oven-baked, never fried, made with no artificial flavours or colours, and come in a variety of choices to satisfy more tastes and cravings than ever before:

Harvest Pockets

Harvest Pockets – the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavours and wholesome ingredients in a delicious rosemary sourdough pocket. Available in Roasted Chicken, Chicken Alfredo and Three Cheese and Spinach recipes.

Protein Pop'ables

Protein Pop'ables – bite-sized snacks with 14 to 23 grams of protein per serving to keep you going. Available in Chicken Parmesan, Jamaican Beef and Italian Sausage recipes.

Pizza Pockets

Pizza Pockets – a Canadian favourite for kids and kids-at-heart, these warm pizza snacks got a new look but are made with the same delicious recipe and ingredients. Available in Pepperoni, Deluxe and Three Cheese recipes.

Vikram Bawa:

"We created the recipes for McCain Marché inspired by the flavours we know Canadians love."

"For nearly 60 years, McCain has proudly made some of Canadians' favourite foods and we're committed to continue introducing innovative new products, like McCain Marché, to meet changing needs and tastes."
For more information visit: http://mccain.ca/en/marche-snacks