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Fabcon Food Systems Agrees Alliance with Definitive Innovation

Fabcon Food Systems Agrees Alliance with Definitive Innovation

Modena in Italy is perhaps better known for Luciano Pavarotti, balsamic vinegar, Ferrari and Lamborghini. It is, however, also the home of Definitive Innovation, manufacturers of dry seasoning screw feeders among a whole range of other standard and tailor-made dry and liquid product dosing equipment.

We are delighted to announce that Fabcon Food Systems (FFS) has been appointed sole distributor of the Definitive Innovation range in the UK and Ireland.

Trevor Howard, FFS’s Sales and Managing Director:

”This exclusive agreement gives FFS an addition to our existing portfolio of process, product handling and seasoning equipment for the potato, snack and other food products.”

"The Definitive Innovation equipment can be supplied separately or integrated into FFS’s lines for sale in the UK or abroad.”

FFS designs, manufactures, installs and services complete systems for a wide range of products from initial concept to final execution, providing processors with ideal solutions for processing, product handling, sorting, precision flavouring, weighing and packing.

In fact, a complete food handling and process solution from intake to final product packaging, the bywords being gentle product handling, energy savings, reliability, high accuracy, ease of cleaning/accessibility and low maintenance.