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Join Elea and discover Pulsed Electric Field at SnackEx

Elea Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems at SnackEx in Barcelona

Discover how our Elea Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems can improve your snack and dried products whilst also enhancing your production.

PEF treated snacks

Our scientists and engineers will be on hand to explain how our Elea SmoothCut™ systems can help increase yield and capacity and reduce energy and water consumption. We will demonstrate how PEF improves cutting and optimises the frying process, enhancing existing snack products and also providing exciting new product opportunities.

We will bring PEF treated snack samples that clearly show how PEF enhances quality, with improved texture and crispiness, brighter colours and better mouth feel.

PEF enhanced drying

Elea SmoothCut™ One system is the ideal solution for the treatment of PEF dried produce. PEF dramatically improves shape stability whilst retaining much more of the brighter colour, original aroma and flavour from the raw fruit or vegetable. We will be bringing samples of PEF dried product including strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, carrot, bell peppers and dragon fruit produced from our pilot hall.

Elea PEF Pilot™

We will bring an Elea PEFPilot™ with us. It is the ideal solution for trialling PEF applications. We will use it to demonstrate structure softening, water release and cutting force reduction leading to smoother cuts with less feathering and reduced knife wear in your processing line.

Elea Cut Control™

Elea also provides the CutControl™, a perfect solution for optimising PEF treatment parameters. We will demonstrate it's usefulness by analysing the cutting force after PEF treatment of tubers.