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New potato variety Lea is suitable for both conventional and organic farming

Solana presents new registrations at Weuthen Kartoffeltag and Potato Europe. Above the Solana booth at Potato Europe 2018

Breeder and seed supplier Solana GmbH & Co. Germany, will use the upcoming potato fairs to introduce a total of three new table potatoes. Both the Weuthen Potato Day (August 29, Schwalmtal) and the Potato Europe (September 4 & 5, Tournai / Belgium) will focus on the extended variety spectrum of the company, which has its headquarters in Hamburg.

Arne Pagel, product manager:

“We will present a total of three new 2019 approvals, namely the Lea, Marta and Jule.”

Weuthen Potato Day: New registrations officially presented

At the Weuthen Potato Day, the Solana Group will present both new and proven varieties.

In addition to well-known varieties Almonda, Baby Lou, Belmonda, Lilly, Masai, Pocahontas, Queen Anne, Sunshine and Toscana, the breeder will show the latest registrations from the broad product portfolio.




Lea is a very early, firm cooking, high yielding table potato.

Lea is a very early, firm cooking, high yielding table potato. On the basis of good resistances she is suitable for organic farming. This variety is applicable for growing under fleece.

Lea produces homogenous tubers with a smooth skin and deep yellow flesh colour.

Very high tolerances against y-virus, yntn, rhizoctonia, growing cracks and internal rust spot. Resistances against nematodes 1 and potato wart disease race 1.


Arne Pagel:





“Lea is a very early potato with a deep yellow flesh color that is also suitable for organic farming and, above all, has an excellent taste.”

“The Marta is also a very early variety with a very light colored flesh.”

Rounding out the presentation of the new registrations is the variety Jule: A firm-boiling, mid-early variety with also deep yellow flesh color, explains Arne Pagel. In addition to the new registrations, the team is available for consulting on product management and information exchange around the product range.

Potato Europe: potato potatoes in the foreground

At Potato Europe in Belgium, on 4 and 5 September, Solana will be represented by its subsidiary Den Hartigh.






Connect is a medium late table potato, directly suitable for French fries fresh from the field

Connect is a medium late table potato with cooking type BC and light yellow to yellow flesh.

Connect is high yielding with good resistances to late blight. Both, the foliage and the tubers are well suited for organic cultivation. Long dormancy.

Directly suitable for French fries fresh from the field. Good resistances against PVY, alternaria, internal rust spot, common scab and potato wart disease race 1.


The Dutch experts will mainly present potato potatoes such as Forza and King Russet. But the varieties Connect, which is suitable for organic farming, and Prada are also there.

Arne Pagel:





“The Solana varieties Miranda and Edison, ideal for the production of French fries, complement our range.”